Dear Hot and Warm students


Autumn and winter are on our doorstep,  that means it is time to come back to the hot room !

Welcome new teacher Mike Nevitt ! With more than 20 years of teaching experience, he will bring your yoga practice to a whole new space.  So come and join his class on every Monday

And welcome back one of our own teacher Malene. After being away for 2 years and becoming a mom,   she is ready to come back and bring the Earth sequence back to the studio.

We proudly announce 2 more hot classes and 1 more morning class  starting from September:

Tuesday + Wednesday   : 18:45

Friday : 9:00 am

On the new schedule, you will find new classify name for each class. Detail information of the class types are described  in  our website.

Did you see our special offer ?

  • If you have not been to our studio for the last 2 monthsor you are a new member we have a special offer for you:
  • A “Welcome Back” 5 klip card for only 350 DKKthat is valid for 2 months
  • 3 month unlimited yoga for 1270 DKK.This offer runs until 1st of October, and the membership is valid from the date of purchase. E.g. from 20 September until 20 December. You can find  more information from our  website

Share this info with your friend ( who is not already a member ) and if he or she join the 3 month offer you can get a free yoga towel.

If you need more info do not hesitate to call on 29729803 or 29729935