Dear Members.

As the winter is not so far ahead, why not start the winter season with a 22-classes  challenge in Nov ?    Practice 22 classes in November and get yourself the first Christmas present of the year from the Forening !   You can take any types of classes, hot , warm or Yin.  Morning class or evening class.  3 classes a day  or one class in 3 days.  The only criteria is to practice 22 classes in November. Give it a try and it will change your life !!  Please sign in at the reception !

Also in Nov, a special gift to your friends.   You can bring  friends that are not yet a member to our Forening, or  members that haven’t been practiced at our space for more than 3 months for only 199 Kr.  No binding and no member fee charge.  It is only for November month.    The special offer is ready for purchase at the below link.

Remember there is a YinMind Workshop with Lars Damkjær this Saturday,  20/10, at 13:00.     There are a few spaces left, come and treat yourself with a journey inward and let Lars guide you into the state of no mind.

And thanks to all teacher, cleaning angels, receptionist and administration staff staff that keeps helping this yoga community to thrive ( and survive ). Not to forget to send some gratitude to yourself for keeping up a good yoga practice to keep bendy and strong in mind, soul and body.

Have a wonderful weekend , and see you in the hot room !

Østerbro yoga team

PS: Any comments or questions just email or call 29729935 and if you do not want to receive newsletter anymore please tell us.