Dear member of Østerbro yoga forening

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1.       Spring cleaning
2.       Volunteer
3.       Feedback
4.      Teachers needed
5.       Easter schedule
6.       Monthly Meditation
7.       Etiquette

1.       Saturday the 7 April from 12.00 to 14.00 you are welcome to join Josefine, Britta, Natalia, Kate and Vidi for the unavoidable spring cleaning. Could be done with a meditative state of mind.
2.         We are very thankful for the people who have subscribed so far for helping our  forening. We can always use more “warm hands” to spread the workload evenly and keep our studio running in a nice way.  The bestyrelse has therefore decided that some “jobs”  can be done for exchange of discounted prices.
a. Laura M. ( YIN TEACHER )  can use help in organize the teachers schedule, in exchange, you get the unlimited training for half price. 
b. We can use a receptionist for Tuesdays. The task requires coming to the studio 45 minutes before the class to start the heating, and helping in welcoming the members and in closing after the class. In exchange, you get the unlimited training for half price. If this sounds interesting to you, please drop Georges an email at
c. Who  wants to coordinate and arrange renting out our studio to special classes like: baby yoga, scleroses people and workshops, etc ? Contact Vidi
d. If you have other suggestions or skills, please step forward and join us. Our board meetings are always open, otherwise just give us a call or drop us an email. Next board meeting is 11 april 19.00. Grab anyone in the studio that is  looking burned out for more info.

3. Our economically situation is not the best and we are still only able to pay the teachers 350 Kr each  class (before tax).  We are about 260 members and  only  130 are active. Do you have some suggestion about how we could encourage  “passive” members to come back ?  We still have so much space for mats in the room in most of the classes. Any suggestions about what could be done or changed is welcome. Also remember you are allowed to bring 1 friend for free once a month.

4. Sometimes we have had to cancel a class because we do not have enough teachers. If you have a teacher friend that is looking for a teaching job, please feel free to encourage them to get in touch with us.  In particular, the Saturday morning, Wednesday evening, and Sunday afternoon classes can use fixed instructors.

5. Special Easter schedule
Reduced number of classes over the long weekend with classes earlier in the day. Hopefully making it easier to get some ‘om’ into your Påske, between all the family time, Easter egg hunts and chocolate!
❧ 29 March (Skærtorsdag) – 13.00 Warm Yin Yoga with Mai
❧ 30 March (Langfredag) – 11.00 Hot Yoga with Louise
❧ 31 March – 11.00 Hot Vinyasa with Martine
❧ 1 April (Påskedag) – 11.00 Hot Yang/Yin with Louise
❧ 2 April (2. Påskedag) – 17.00 Hot Yoga with Louise

6.     Monthly Meditation
Thursday, 5 April from 20.15-21.15
The first Thursday of each month, we’re offering a special Mindful Meditation class with Laura from 20.15-21.15. Focus on bringing attention back to yourself with mindfulness exercises (including meditation techniques, working with the breath and guided visualisations) followed by a full-body guided relaxation (yoga nidra). Encourage attention and focus, improve emotional resilience and enhance overall mental and physical health by joining this monthly meditation.

7.         Yoga Etiquette for Østerbro Yogaforening

1. Arrive on time
Rushing into the studio at the last moment or after a class has already begun is stressful and distracting for both you and your fellow practitioners. Give yourself a few extra minutes to acclimatise to the heat and prepare for class by arriving at least five minutes before the start of class.
2. Remove your shoes at the entrance
Doing this helps maintain the cleanliness of the studio and respects a revered and cherished space.
3. Leave your cellphone and bag behind
Being present in your practice includes leaving your cellphone and bag either in the change rooms or the lockers next to the entrance. The change room and reception area are locked and windows closed during classes if the teacher and the receptionist remember to do so. ( you are welcome to remind them ).
4. Skip the strong scents
Perfumes can trigger allergies in other students. Yoga also sharpens the senses, meaning that scents can be very distracting during practice.
5. Communicate with the teacher
Let the teacher know if you have injuries or health issues. This way they know to look out for you during class and can suggest variations of flows and poses.
6. Be respectful towards teachers and the studio
Just like every yogi’s practice is individual, so is the style of every teacher. The schedule will change from time to time. Please cultivate an open mind and be open to meeting new teachers and learning something beyond your normal practice.
7. Clean up your area after class
Wipe up any sweat from the floor and put props back in their proper place – nice and neat. If you are the last student using the showers, please hang the shower mats to dry. During shower please open a window or two to air out the moisty air, also in the male area. Close them again during the following class.
8. Be mindful and considerate
Move calmly and quietly when you enter and leave the yoga room. Other students may have already begun their practise or might be staying in savasana.
9. Practice Ahimsa – Non-violence
Be careful and gentle towards others and yourself. Recognize that each day is different and brings new challenges.
10. Be a part of our yoga community
Kula is a Sanskrit word for community. We are more than a studio that offers yoga classes, we are a community of yogis who care about and support our shared space and practice.

Enjoy your practice
Pratice is everything.
Pratice is everything
Pratice is everything

Warmly greetings from  your østerbro volunteer group