All is Well

January is going well and it’s great to see many well-known faces – and many new ones – join our community and help make it wonderful place to practice yoga.


Our Instagram account is up and running, so please follow us at Ditte and Amalia from the board are currently in charge of posting, but we would like to find a student to take over the role. Let us know if you’d like to help with Instagram and if you have any nice pictures of Østerbro Yogaforening you’d like to share, please send them to Ditte and Amalia!


It is important that we let others know about Østerbro Yogaforening. The more members we have, the greater our chance for survival will be. We have flyers at reception that you can pick up and distribute in your neighborhood.


On Sunday, 28 January from 15.00-17.30, Ai Chin, Pernille and Laura are holding a “Yin Yoga with Singing Bowls and Hands On” workshop. It costs 300 for members and 350 for non-members.


We have a few new teachers and are looking for additional new faces to guide classes at Østerbro Yogaforening. Please reach out to anyone you think might be interested in teaching and encourage them to contact Laura at 20501501 for more information. And warmly welcome any new faces you encounter!


Remember, all monthly passes include a free class for a friend once a month, making it easy for you to introduce them to our lovely association! We can still accommodate additional active members before we reach a stable level financially. At the same time, it is important for us to keep the tradition where everyone can show up before training, without stress, and without having to book in advance. We will continuously assess our membership numbers and class attendance, as well as explore opportunities to offer more classes whenever possible.

Østerbro Yogaforening now has 166 members and 104 are active. We want to get up to 140 active members to allow us to pay teachers starting in February.


Do you want to join our group of committed volunteers, which together help us keep our studio a nice place? Every effort is appreciated, no matter how small! You choose how committed you want to be and when you can help.
Right now, for example, we could use people to help with:

This is an obvious option if you want to get to know more of our wonderful members! All you need to do is arrive at the studio half an hour before classes start and support teachers with greeting people, checking in students and arranging payments. You can, of course, take part in the class afterwards as reception closes when the class starts.
We need someone who will keep the studio clean and tidy for 7 days. As a thank you you will receive free training for 30 days.
On Saturday, 27 January from 12.00 to 16.00 you can help deep-clean the yoga practice room. Drop in and help for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 hours – no registration required.
All creative suggestions and input and help are most welcome! There are also a few administrative tasks if you’re so inclined.


Practice is everything! Which is to say: take advantage of your membership and come as often as you have the time and capability.
If you have anything on your mind or want to help, please message us.

With many hopeful greetings from the board,
Angela, Laura, Georges, Vidi, Sivert, Ditte, Jane and Amalia