Late December 2017

Thank you for your continued support of our yoga community at Nordre Frihavnsgade 13. Østerbro Yoga Forening (Østerbro Yoga Association) is now a reality, which means and we can all continue to practice in this beautiful and familiar framework.

The founding general meeting was held on Thursday, 28 December and the members of the board were confirmed. Below you can read here in Danish ( sorry only Danish version ) who are the board members and what else was said to the meeting.

As you paid 100 kroner to become a member, you can enjoy your yoga practice as usual. Initially, you will be able to purchase the following packages by bank transfer, mobile pay or cash: ( no credit card )

  • Unlimited classes: 490, – kr. per month
  • 4 classes: 320, – kr. per month
  • 10 class clip card (valid for 3 months): 800, – kr.
  • Drop-in class (for members): 100, – kr. per class
  • Drop-in class (for non-members): 120, – kr. per class

Classes start on Tuesday, 2 January, 2018 and the schedule will be posted on the Facebook page and website on Saturday. Add the classes to your calendar and bring a friend!

You are more than welcome to join various working groups in Østerbro Yoga Forening. You can see from the meeting resume ( sorry only danish version ) below what the project groups are about and you can contact us to express your interest in joining them.
Below you can also read the “vedtægter” of the Østerbro Yoga Forening Articles of Association. ( but only in Danish )

If you have additional questions or suggestions for your “yoga association” you can write to

See you in January – stay bendy in mind, body and soul!

Warmest wishes,

Østerbro Yoga Forening ❤